Napoleon Bonaparte til Hest -  fra bogen Jacques-Louis David -  Empire to Exile, Philippe Bordes

Napolen blev født på Korsika 15. august 1769 Efter at have været første konsul blev Napoleon Bonaparte i 1804 fransk kejser. I 1796 blev han gift med Josefiné Beauharnais.
Ca. 1809-1810 giftede han sig igen denne gang med ærkehertuginde Marie-Louise af Habsburg, der i 1811 fødte ham en søn, der døde i en ung alder.Napoleon Bonaparte tabte et afgørende slag ved Leipzig 1813 og blev 1814 i Fontainebleau tvunget til at abdicere. Han blev forvist til Elba. I marts 1815 vendte han tilbage og forsøgte at reetablere kejserdømmet (de 100 dage). Efter slaget ved Waterloo den 18. juni 1815 overgav han sig til den britiske regering der forviste ham til øen Sankt Helena. Her levede han til sin død den 15. maj 1821.

Born Apart

by Nicholas Siennicki They saw me conquer the world with a few innocent men Holding onto their definitions of divinity Praying on tombstones of father’s slain here That this time, oh this time, all this was for real   But I sold all their souls For a shot at glory For a chance at the throne   They saw me conquer the world with a … Continue reading Born Apart


Nuances of Self-Refinery: Review of Art Gallery of Alberta Event

by Monika Viktorova On the evening of Saturday, March 25th, Edmonton’s art afficionados gathered at the Alberta Art Gallery (AGA) for the latest iteration of its “Refinery” evening party series. Last night’s theme was ‘selfie-culture’, focusing on the effects of social media and pop culture on portraiture. The AGA built excitement for the event in the weeks preceding it, allowing its guests to vote on … Continue reading Nuances of Self-Refinery: Review of Art Gallery of Alberta Event

AB Alice in Wonderland-2017-9861-Tea-party02

Reviewed: A Look into Wonderland

by Anna Yule Alberta Ballet’s production of Alice in Wonderland is a creative and magical twist on the already classic Lewis Carroll story. It was a creative delight with its non-traditional choreography  and beautiful set display. The performance included a full menagerie of characters from the original story, including my favourite, the whole mad tea party.  The dancers transport you into Wonderland with their variation … Continue reading Reviewed: A Look into Wonderland

Lindsey Catherine Photo + Media 2017

Pomp and Circumstance: An Interview With Photographer Aaron Pedersen

by Monika Viktorova On Saturday, March 25th, the Alberta Art Gallery (AGA) will host the latest of its “Refinery” evening parties. A ‘narcissistic’ take on their usual event, “Self-Refinery” will blend ‘themes from current exhibitions of portraiture with social media and pop culture.” Among the artists exhibiting at  “Self-Refinery” is home-grown talent Aaron Pedersen. Born in Lethbridge and raised in the suburbs of St. Albert, Pedersen’s … Continue reading Pomp and Circumstance: An Interview With Photographer Aaron Pedersen


#Girlbossyeg: An invitation to Edmontonians to be Bold for Change

by Maja Staka When Nasra Adem performs, you can’t help but stop and listen. The 22 year old Edmonton Youth Poet Laureate isn’t just a passionate artist, she’s also relatable to a fault – bringing up issues that directly affect the people she loves and the neighborhoods that raised her.  Once Nasra gets going, her eyes become wide, her feet get loud and her hands … Continue reading #Girlbossyeg: An invitation to Edmontonians to be Bold for Change


Edmonton Opera’s ‘Elektra’: Mostly Electrifying

by Nicholas Siennicki If there’s nothing else to be taken away from this review, it’s that if you, dear reader, even have a passing fancy in the arts, go see Elektra. The performance may not be the absolute pinnacle of the form, but it is relentlessly entertaining, investing, short, and intelligible. In other words, a performance that is both pleasing to the connoisseur, and the … Continue reading Edmonton Opera’s ‘Elektra’: Mostly Electrifying


Comical Musings of a Chronic Overthinker

by Zosia Czarnecka 5:25 pm. I’m almost there. I can definitely make it in five minutes. But maybe I should go back home quickly. They won’t mind if I’m a little late, right? I’m just so worried that the glass casserole I placed on top of the fridge is going to slide off and break. I mean, the bottom is a little uneven and the … Continue reading Comical Musings of a Chronic Overthinker