0-8 Season for Golden Bears Football: Two Years and Still No Wins | The Wanderer Sports

Much to the dismay of U of A sports fans, the Bears sealed the deal on another winless season, being shutout by the Regina Rams 19-0. The 0-8 season comes after a pre-season where expectations were that the Bears would add least win one regular season game in 2012. Granted, the Bears play in a tough conference, where Saskatchewan, Calgary, Regina and Manitoba are all solid opponents.

The Bears really have to start winning in 2013, as brainless and downright obvious as this sounds. If the team doesn’t tack some wins onto the board, then other universities like Calgary will only out-recruit them and maintain the vicious cycle of losing seasons. At the very least, the Golden Bears have a solid track record of winning teams in the past, so the rich history might help bring recruits to Edmonton.

Hey, the losing season can’t be as painful as this injury, right?

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