Campus Pulse: What’s going through your head on day one of class? (09.05.12)

Classes start today. What’s going through your head right now? Stoked to be back? Or depressed that summer’s over? Maybe you’re somewhere in between.



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  • Definitely stoked to be back and at it… Four months is more than enough time off. Can’t believe we have to sit in class though and be lectured at for 50 minutes, 3-4 times per day.

  • Dongwoo

    Can’t believe that it’s September 5th already. It’s a tad overwhelming but I’m definitely stoked to be a full-time student again.

  • Sydney

    Imma lose weight walking from HMRC to ETLC every other day. Good or bad? To be seen.

  • Nick

    Are others as aware of my backsweat as I am? 10 am and already through both shirts

  • San

    First day of my 5th year. It already feels like I’m way too old to be in school…

  • Dime sitting to my left. Thinking about making a move but still not sure. Let things wait a few days?

    • San

      Agreed. Never wait.

  • Dave

    Never wait, Torey

  • Angry

    I’m feeling like it’s about goddamn time that the SU started becoming more transparent with its operations. This is getting outrageous.

  • Michael

    The only thing keeping me in class right now is knowing that my prof wants to be here less than I do

  • Clay

    Will there be enough pretty girls in this class to justify me spending $600 to take it?

  • Finbarr

    I just got 14$ in library fines, so I’m bummed about that. It’s nice to be back to learning. Stoked for some intermediate Economics. It’ll be cool to start exploring long term growth models.

  • Jason

    Where are all the free hot dogs at this year?

  • Outside of business, Faculty Saint-Jean… dunno where else!

  • Nikki

    Wednesday will be the death of me.. Thank god I have an entirely unscheduled Thursday to recover from it.

  • Andrew

    Next time a first year asks me for directions, I’m going to give the wrong ones. Also, I’m already tired of all the hipsters.

  • You know what’s awesome? Not having classes on Wednesdays.

    • Sydney

      but do you have any friends left after that post? 😛

      • Graeme

        Haha nope…

  • Phil

    Days with six hours of classes with friends constantly texting you to go to the beer gardens while you’re in them are just not fair.

  • Monika

    Super stoked to be back at it. Still recovering from an Orientation excitement hang-over but ready to plunge into another awesome year.

  • Nav to the neet

    It’s only been a few days, but I’ve already been through Orientation, Beer Gardens, an afternoon at RATT, two awesome classes, Clubs Fair, and many interactions with old and new friends. Overwhelmed, yes But excited as well!!