CulturED’s Favourite Things 2.0 | By Tori McNish

These are a few of our, The Wanderer Online Culture section’s, favourite things.

This month’s contribution is courtesy of Tori McNish.

Tori is an alumnus of the University of Alberta, graduating with a BA Honours in the History of Art, Design and Visual Culture in 2012. She likes to write words about art on the Internet, often doing so through her other website, PrairieSeen.

Eat: Sloppy Hogg’s Roed Hus

Vegetarians, avert your eyes! This restaurant only serves meat on meat on meat (or sometimes poutine) – smoked meat, to be exact.  Serving up good ol’ Southron food (with a Canadian twist), Sloppy Hogg’s is the home of some of Edmonton’s best brisket, pulled pork, and ribs – sweet, sweet ribs – smoked to perfection in their homemade sauces (which can be purchased for your own cooking experiments). One Sloppy Hogg’s meal will keep you fed for days, and at a great price.

Sloppy Hogg’s is located just behind NAIT on 118 Ave., 10406 118 Ave., to be exact. Reservations are recommended!

Read: Ender’s Game

Now that Ender’s Game has been made into a blockbuster, hitting theatres this fall, you only have a limited amount of time before people are going to start saying “OMG, I didn’t know they wrote a book about that movie!” Yeah – in 1985. Orson Scott Card’s controversial science fiction classic is one of my favourites of the genre, and I can’t stress enough how much I recommend reading the original, especially if you are planning on seeing the movie (because who really knows how that’s going to turn out).

See: All under Heaven: The Chinese World in Maps, Pictures, and Texts from the Collection of Floyd Sully at FAB Gallery and the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library, University of Alberta

Don’t miss your chance to see this unparalleled collection of Chinese maps and illustrated texts, owned by the private collector Floyd Sully (as in, the only other way you are going to see this stuff is if you are friends with Floyd himself). The show, curated by the University’s own Dr. Walter Davis, offers a unique perspective on Chinese art history through the display and discussion of alternative art forms.

This exhibition is being held concurrently at the University of Alberta’s FAB Gallery and the Bruce Peel Special Collections Library. The show in FAB runs until August 17; in Special Collections until September 13.

Shop: Loft 82

I’m pretty sure most Whyte Avenue denizens have by now heard of Loft 82, as they moved last June into the street-level space that once was occupied by FS. Previously, they were in a store called Kika (but still went by Loft 82), one of those second-story spaces on Whyte that people are always wondering about. Loft 82 clothes are minimal without being simplistic, cute without being juvenile, and beautifully made without breaking the bank (most of their fabrics are polyester-based, which is heaven for me because I hate going to the dry cleaners and paying someone else to clean my clothes). Best of all, they are Edmonton born-and-bred!

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Image CC NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr

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