Can Gallimore and Co. Channel CIS Gods and Avert Armageddon? | The Wanderer Sports

Burke Gallimore is now a member of Golden Bears hockey. He joins a team more loaded on WHL blood than overzealous Taco Bell patrons packed with bean burritos. The only question that remains is, can Gallimore channel the CIS Gods when he laces up the skates for his team’s home opener? Rumour has it that if the Bears miss the CIS playoffs, Bruce Willis will descend from the heavens and initiate Armageddon on Clare Drake Arena.

For those that don’t know, the Bears have picked-off some of the best hockey players from the Western Hockey League in an attempt to avert last year’s semi-finals loss to Saskatchewan. Missing the CIS National Championship for the Bears is like the New York Yankees not making the playoffs in baseball or the Toronto Maple Leafs not – actually, hold that thought.

In any case, new Bears’ coach Ian Herbers and General Manager Stan Marple are playing George Steinbrenner, adding Gallimore to a recruiting class that includes two other WHL players, Rhett Rachinski and Brennan Yadlowski.

Unlike many high-profile sports teams (see: Christiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid; Alex Rodriguez and New York; everyone on the New York Jets), it seems that the Bears players get along well, as evidenced by this tweet from Yadlowski:

There’s not much to talk about yet, but considering the additions to the team, and the results thus far, the Golden Bears might just gallivant their way to a glowing season.

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