29 Armstong: Spotlight on Small Business | By Jonathan R. Korun


The Wanderer’s Spotlight on Small Business highlights the vivacity of Edmonton’s business community by showcasing local small businesses.  From hidden gems to local hot spots, junior entrepreneurs to seasoned business owners, Spotlight displays Edmonton’s thriving small business community and the ventures that make it stand out.

One can easily walk through a mall or down a street, and casually ignore many storefronts, 29 Armstrong is not one of those. The company, located in Manulife Place, uses a unique combination of modern contemporary design; with a throwback feel added into the mix. When you walk through the entrance, the feeling can be compared to walking into an art gallery showroom, with your attention being pulled towards each piece they have displayed. They have been able to achieve this feel through their unique furniture and household items that combine original design and superb functionality, with each item having their own distinctive backstory.

Amedeo Pagliuso speaks with nothing but passion and excitement when he talks about his unique business that started 6 years ago when he first opened on 104st. He says simply that “every person who has ever worked here has had a real affinity for the product itself,” and this is very apparent through the friendly and knowledgeable staff and captivating layout of the store. When asked why he started this endeavor, and why he chose furniture, with a smile Amedeo explained that it was started with the goal of introducing unique designs to the public that were both original and easily accessible. He started with furniture and lighting because it is easily digestible to the public, and then progressed into tabletop products and apothecary.

Looking to set the tone for the market and stay ahead of the curve with his products, Amedeo explains that each piece in 29 Armstrong is a melding of design and functionality. Whether you are talking about the serving tray artwork that originates from France, displaying unique images of animals crossbred with people, to a chair developed out of high-grade aluminum that catches the eye and relaxes the body when sat in, all pieces evoke an emotion and connection. This suits their goal of being a “lifestyle brand,” as there is piece for every sort of lifestyle.

29 Armstrong also boasts exclusivity amongst many of its products to Edmonton, Western Canada, and in some cases even North America. In order to provide their products to clients amongst such a large geographic area, the company must manage its online and warehousing supply chain appropriately. 29 Armstrong has an easily navigable, highly detailed, and beautifully laid out website that allows its customers easy access to their wide variety of products across North America.

For a store to combine unique artwork melded with exceptional design and quality, 29 Armstong has definitely set the tone for their market. Whether you’re looking to furnish your house, grab a unique table lamp or kitchen utensil, or just admire some unique artwork and design concepts, 29 Armstrong will not disappoint!


Photos: Shirley Tse article Jonathan Korun

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