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This past weekend, the Golden Bears soccer team ventured down to Victoria to play two pretty decent squads – and some referees. Though watching a (shitty) university live feed is better than nothing, most of the game was blurry and fairly difficult to follow. HOWEVER, it was obvious that the two Golden Bears opponents, Victoria and Fraser Valley, were playing with twelve men (rather than the standard 11, for you non-soccer fans out there). Watching the game was pretty similar to watching Manchester United play anyone in England – they had an extra player on their side throughout the match. Sometimes, the code is broken as teams like Tottenham triumph over Man U, but it’s a tough code to crack nonetheless.

Watching the Victoria game was entertaining to say the least: two of Canada’s best teams duking it out on a Friday evening. Throughout most of the game, the Golden Bears defence stifled the Vikes, which is not surprising, because the team went into the match WITHOUT ALLOWING A GOAL in its first five games. But then comes Mr. Ref, all hot and bothered, blowing his whistle as a Vikes player is ‘taken down’ in the box. Up steps an islander (no, not the New York Islanders… they’re all in Russia) and boom, the score is 1-0. Blah.

Fast-forward 24 hours and it’s Fraser Valley time. Now, this sounds harsh, but for those that don’t play fairly competitive soccer, it’s almost as if the game’s objective is to hack someone’s legs rather than go directly for the ball. Watching Fraser Valley play was like watching a hockey game: more players taking the body than attempting to earn the ball. Mr. Ref handed out a bunch of cards in this game, but his tactics obviously didn’t work. There seemed to be more Georges Laraque than Robbie Van Persie out there.

With the weekend in the books, the Bears still sit atop the Canada West. And though that CIS #1 ranking might be gone, it doesn’t matter at all. Plus, they’re still pretty high in our weekly Deadspin-inspired Top 10 Or So Rankings!

AND the Golden Bears keeper, Jay Vetsch, still hasn’t let a goal on a real shot (i.e. anything not resulting from a scab ref call*).

Last thing! Need a break this weekend? You do, so head to FOOTE FIELD ON SOUTH CAMPUS THIS SATURDAY AT NOON. You get to see the Pandas and Bears soccer teams play for free. Questions? Post them in the comments box below!

* The term “scab ref” is borrowed from, and was used heavily during the recent NFL refs debacle.

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