A Blog for Students Nervous About the Upcoming Semester | By Emerson Csorba

The winter 2013 semester is here, and as usual, I’m a little nervous. No matter how experienced one is in university, there are always new courses, new professors and new lessons to learn. One can never become too comfortable in school (or at least I can’t). However, there is one academics-related blog out there that can greatly help students in their academic studies. Written by Cal Newport, an author of numerous school-related books, former MIT student and young professor at Georgetown University, Study HacksĀ provides academic tips that never fail to provoke thought. Last year, I discovered this blog right when I believed that all school tips were bland, nothing more than sayings like “make sure you manage your time appropriately” and “get plenty of sleep.”

You can read it here.

CC photograph courtesy of Flickr, found here.

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