“A Place for Everyone” – Edmonton Expo Preview Media Launch

by Hiranyaa Sahadevan

Did you know that Gimli from The Lord of the Rings or the writer for GI Joe, Wolverine, and The Death of Captain America will be coming to Edmonton this weekend? Where you ask? They will be attending the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, taking place on Friday September 22 to Sunday September 24.  The Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, a three day convention gathers cosplayers and entertainment lovers from far and wide for the event.
The Edmonton Expo Media Party took place at the Almanac on White Avenue where media had the opportunity of meeting Sam Maggs, assistant writer at Bioware and best selling author of “The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Sam had the honor of interviewing John Rhys Davis, notable for his role as Gimli from The Lord of the Rings. Before John Rhys Davis was introduced as the event’s special guest, Sam and the evening’s hostess, Alex, introduced the Expo and their thoughts ofthe beauty of convention as “a place for everyone”. Sam then continues to introduce the different parts of the Expo, including Artist’s Alleyway where independent artists from can sell their artwork and people can have art commissioned to the different vendors that set up booths to sell their items. Another big part of the Expo is the cosplays that people work so hard to create specifically for this event. Cosplayers are able to showcase their talent at the Cosplay Contest taking place at 2:30 on Saturday September 23. Another special event taking place is the Gene Simmons and the Gene Simmons Band Concert taking place on the same day at 8 pm.

During the duration of the event, invitees were able to ask many questions John Rhys Davis, from behind the scene content about his time on The Lord of the Rings set and listening to quirky stories such as when his son decided that he wanted to go camping in Canada in the middle of December back in the 1980s. When he reminisced about his time on Lord of the Rings, he jokingly remarks how he tries to forget about filming with the “bloody pointy ears”. Nevertheless, he mentions that he was grateful for his time on the set for the movie and tries to put all his effort for every role that he is given. When asked about spoilers for his future work, he teases about writing a script and the excitement he has for the project.

If you are looking for something to do with friends or even with your family, there is something for everyone at this event. For more information on programming and admission, check out the website at www.edmontonexpo.com.

Photography courtesy of Edmonton Expo.

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