A Quick Peek at iOS 6 Before you Even Consider Downloading it | By Zafir Kanji

So iOS 6 was officially released a couple of days ago and I thought it might be beneficial to do a quick look at what it offers.

First off, everyone with an iPhone 3GS or earlier, you’re out of luck as the iPhone 4 is the oldest phone Apple is supporting. iPhone 4 users should note, however, that your version of iOS 6 is not as feature-filled as the one 4S and 5 users will receive. I’ll note the differences below.


So in iOS 5, Apple integrated Twitter in the OS and it seems it was a success because in the latest version, Facebook is now much more integrated. So prepare to see much more photo uploads, status updates, links to random websites, and generally much more Facebook spam.


iPhone 5 and 4S users are now able to take panorama shots of their surroundings. Sorry 4 users, looks like 3rd party apps will have to suffice. The camera also improves face detection and image stabilization.


This was really interesting. It was a sort of mobile wallet that could store digital coupons, flight itineraries, gift cards etc. However, at the current moment there are maybe 3 companies that are useful to Canadians. I assume in the coming weeks more companies, including Starbucks, will jump on board.


iPhone 4S and 5 users will be treated to an apparently much improved Siri. After being a great novelty feature but failing to live up to expectations, Apple has spent a lot more time making sure its sassy robot assistant is more qualified to keep up with our lives.

Apple Maps

If you rely on Google Maps to get around in a city that you have poor direction in, do not count on Apple maps to get you anywhere. It has been a huge mess with a lot of unfinished business, lag and on some occasions it is known to give out wrong information. Either download a third party app like Waze or use Google Maps in Safari, until a Google Maps app is available. Apple is aware of the epic fail of its maps and is apparently on it; we’ll see how long it takes to fix.


In Apple’s full scale war against Google, it has also removed the native YouTube app. So you will have to download the official one from the App Store. Note: to anyone who had favorite videos or created playlists in the app without creating a YouTube account, you haven’t lost everything. In Safari, go to bookmarks and you should see “YouTube – ‘your name’ iPhone” and all your links should be there.

That’s pretty much a quick run through of the major features, it isn’t very detailed but hopefully gives you some insight into what you’re updating to.

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