A Student from the University of Regina Didn’t Just win Cross-Country CIS Nationals; He Crushed EVERYONE | The Wanderer Sports

Running ten kilometres full-out is a test of mental strength. When you’re competing against the best university-level runners in Canada, from Dalhousie to Calgary and Victoria, everyone can run at a fast clip, so placing in the top half is an accomplishment in itself. A top-1o finish is outstanding, and a CIS Nationals win is something that any person will never forget.

But to finish #1 in Canada while CRUSHING the rest of the field? That’s like Tiger Woods before his affair; Alex Rodriguez before he tested positive for steroids. In the 2012 CIS Nationals for cross-country, Regina’s Kelly Wiebe annihilated the competition, taking the gold in 30 minutes and 21 seconds. When you consider the rolling hills thrown at runners in a nationals-level race, a time of 35 minutes is extremely quick. But 30 minutes? His gold medal is well-deserved.


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