A Taste of the High Life | By Elliot Rose

The shift in the room’s energy was immediate. My limbs began moving almost uncontrollably; the motions were slow, direct, yet fluid, and I looked around in disbelief to see others caught in the same trance. Fighting to come back to my senses, I suddenly realized the source of this outer body experience: erupting from the speakers was Bobby S.’ newest single… we were doing the ‘Shmoney Dance’. Tastemakers’ Skybridge event was about a week ago, but that moment will be remembered for years to come.

The city of Edmonton is host to 235 licensed establishments open after midnight (City of Edmonton, 2014) generating $686 million in total impact of economic output (City of Edmonton, 2014). With numbers such as these, Edmonton’s nightlife is an intimidating industry to break into, let alone to differentiate one’s self from the pack.

Whereas most people would see the competition as a barrier of entry, Tastemakers’ Founder Robert Tyndale envisions it to be an exciting challenge and opportunity. Hence, Tastemakers’ predecessor, MadeInEDMNTN, was born: a medium for like-minded people to “make it in Edmonton”, connecting outside the bar and beyond the classroom or office, creating the spark to propel our city forward. From day one, MadeInEDMTN has created many of the city’s most unique social affairs; from turning an unused loft above Yellowhead Brewery into a trendy NYC-style party, to Con Boland Garden’s hosting patrons dressed head-to-toe in all white, to an ice-freezer became an indoor winter wonderland – each event attracts high calibre clientele, sponsors, and attention from many of our city’s movers and shakers.

The secret to Tastemakers’ success is firmly rooted in their team. Strong individually, and even moreso as a group, Robert Tyndale and his high school friends-cum-partners Gur Manhas (Public Relations), Sahr Saffa (Marketing Coordinator), and Keenan Pascal (Finance Director) have been the back bone of each event and are now setting their eyes on new heights, quite literally.

Re-vamping under the name Tastemakers and bringing a fresh perspective, an expanded team, and a new swagger, their most recent event was Skybridge: Witnessing Soul, which took place on Saturday, October 11th in the core of Edmonton’s downtown on the second-level bridge connecting City Centre Mall.

Staying true to their vision, Tastemakers’ Skybridge showcased the best of Edmonton to our savviest citizens by featuring exotic cocktails courtesy of Woodwork, hors d’ouevres provided by BLVD Kitchen + Bar, and live music from Andrea Wilson and other fantastic local artists.

As is the case in all great parties, the best thing about Skybridge was its people. The unique setting and upscale party nuances attracted some of Edmonton’s best – including Almar Sheikh, Navin Ramharak, and Sunny Sooch from Nimbus Creative, one of Edmonton’s hottest new marketing firms; Mazen and Mohammad Mahfouz, the multi-talented brothers and Founders of MXM Productions; Steve Scoby and his team, creators of Salt & Tickle, a daring new approach to men’s fashion; and from BBM Dance Group, Founder Sarah Dharsi and team member Macha Abdallah, two young women from the baddest female dance troupe in town – to mention a few!

Strikingly similar to the city we live in, Robert Tyndale and his Tastemakers team have continued to reinvent themselves and create amazing experiences in the most unlikely of places.

Photography by Wanderer Online Photographer Brad Risheng Lin.


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