Conceptualized by a small group of students at the University of Alberta in the summer of 2012, the Wanderer has grown to a full-fledged Edmontonian publication that has produced over a 1000 articles to date. The Wanderer has always operated in an open environment that values creative freedom and autonomy, which has resulted in our diverse and dynamic content. With a writing team that continues to grow and is always seeking new talent, the Wanderer is committed to expanding our readership while maintaining the same spirit that has been unique to our publication since its inception.


The Wanderer Online is a digital publication based out of Edmonton, Alberta with much of our content coming from university students and young professionals living in the area. The Wanderer is committed to producing bold, thought-provoking and contemporary content that explores the issues that are important to our readers. We seek to cover stories accurately and honestly, communicating both the facts of the stories and the individual perspectives of our writers. The Wanderer Online strives to empower writers, photographers, videographers and graphic designers, experienced and new alike, to collaborate on these stories and share their voice.