Actually, Teleportation Does Exist and We Have Records for it | The Wanderer Science

Yes folks, teleportation does, in fact, exist. Quantum teleportation, that is. A multi-national team of scientists – including Canadian researchers from the University of Waterloo – recently broke the record for quantum teleportation, with a distance of 143 kilometres, surpassing a previous record of 97 kilometres made in China. Currently, photons are the subjects of teleportation, and they are moved by a process known as quantum entanglement, which you can learn about here, if interested.

While the level of quantum teleportation may not be at the point yet where it can land the lead scientist Rachel Bilson like Hayden Christensen’s character did in the teleportation sci-fi flick Jumper, the 143 kilometer milestone achieved is momentous in that it equals the minimum distance at which satellites orbit Earth. The development of this science could be decisive in the creation of new, secure communication tools, such as the networking of quantum computers, and in unravelling several complex theories of physics. Who knows, maybe one day they’ll be able to create multiple copies of Bilson or Christensen via quantum entanglement.

Previous endeavours in the study of quantum entanglement have provided weird results, such as letting particles in our current time interact with particles from the past.

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