Adam Mamawala Will Have You Laughing Uncontrollably Tomorrow | The Wanderer Laughs

There’s no question that September is one of the most stressful times of year. Not only is the beginning of school a disruption to your glamorous summer lifestyle; once you hit the middle of the month, professors hand out assignments, essay due dates approach and stress levels gradually increase. If you’re a university rookie, then you’re still learning the ropes, figuring out how things work and your personal limitations. If you’re a savvy veteran, then hopefully you have some effective strategies hammered out by now.

Whether you’re in chemistry or history, women’s studies or environmental sciences, chances are you’re not a regular comedy show attendee. Shows do take place at Whyte Avenue and even at local coffee shops like Leva; however, few comedians perform on campus.

Starting on Wednesday September 26, this is changing, as Adam Mamawala hits campus at 7 pm, performing in Dinwoodie Lounge. Mamawala hails from New ‘Joysy’ and has already performed for E! and NBC. Take a look at his Youtube video below.

But before you do that, send us a tweet with the name of your favourite Wanderer article thus far, and we’ll give you a FREE PAIR OF TICKETS to the show. The first ten people take the cake.

Photograph courtesy of c.giff on Flickr

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