Aileena Minhas: building a business foundation

When one thinks of Aileena, it’s truly difficult to pinpoint and focus on just one activity that she leads. Across the School of Business, Aileena is ubiquitous, maintaining a noticeable presence in just about every important student club and leadership event, both local and abroad. An executive of JDC West, strong proponent of YESS Edmonton, organizer of the well-known Chillin’ for Charity event and executive of the Network of Empowered Women, Aileena has built a strong reputation amongst her peers throughout her time as an undergraduate.

As the recent President of the Human Resources Management Association on campus, Aileena organized a speakers series that has garnered consistent attendance of business students. Throughout much of 2012, she helped put together a landmark national conference about the empowerment of women in business. And in September 2012, she was the top fundraiser in Western Canada for the CIBC Run for the Cure. Rarely stressed and with what seems like a permanent smile on her face, Aileena champions these many events with gusto. She is one of the foundational students in business, one that creates valuable opportunities for her peers.

In 2012, Aileena contributed to the vibrant culture in the School of Business. As she graduates this April, the world will welcome her as a leader prepared to make a meaningful difference.

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