Album Review: Tasman Jude’s ‘Green’ | By Blair Wade

In the heart of Alberta’s north where the threat of winter will soon creep in, one band is bringing the warmth of Trinidad and Tobago with the release of their soulful new album. That band is Tasman Jude. Based out of Grande Prairie, they’ve been on the scene just shy of two years and are proclaiming to bring what they call the “Canadian Reggae Infiltration.” Their latest album, Green, is proving to be no exception.

Released on October 7th, Green is the follow-up to their debut El Norteno, and rose quickly to the #2 spot during the pre-order and to the #1 spot on the iTunes Canadian Reggae Charts upon its release.

Green maintains the band’s reggae style, and remains approachable to both new listeners and time-honoured fans alike. Composed of Caleb ‘BraveHart’ Hart on lead vocals, Al Peterson on guitar, Adam Paanan on djembe drums and Derek Wilder on bass, the men have worked harmoniously together to produce a sound that is irrevocably natural and organic, and an intimate experience for the listener. The lyrical messages conveyed through the album act to highlight this exact sentiment, offering an outspoken spiritual-based soundtrack for truth, family, positivity, individuality, and creativity.

Opening with an exclusively  instrumental track, it gives an exciting and playful hint at all of the energy that will unfold within the album and captivates the audience from the very beginning.  Following this, “Green (Zion)” begins digging right into themes of social issues and hardships, and calls listeners to action for the greater good. This same theme is threaded continuously throughout the album with other tracks such as “Fugue State,” “Follow Your Dreams,” and “Every Breath.” These songs carry with them an invitation to be inspired and to rise above societal expectations, to embrace ourselves as individuals, and to unite to create a better, happier, more positive world. The album then breaks in the middle with the namesake track, “Tasman Jude.” Refreshing and re-invigorating the album with the vibrant energy promised in the introduction, this track undoubtedly encourages listeners to become spiritually and physically moved with an irresistibly danceable energy. Many songs explicitly proclaim a more spiritual message than others. The first song itself, “Green (Zion)” starts the album by invoking biblical imagery with a reference to the holy land of Jerusalem. Later tracks, such as “Yahweh,” “Freedom is Rising” and “All We Need (One Love)” continue these faith-based narratives in a fashion that is sincere, moving, and uplifting.  The album finishes off with  a soothing conclusion and reaffirms the constant message of love.

Green stands as a beautiful piece of art in the reggae community and beyond, and acts as an important piece of the puzzle of a larger social movement seeking positive change locally and globally. Tasman Jude have become largely involved in a grassroots organization called Conspiracy of Hope, that purposes to create conversation about suicide and mental health, and create meaningful alternatives to the hardships of life. Their messages in Green certainly allow them to facilitate this discussion through music. It is the perfect album with which to close yourself off and enjoy a solitary occasion as self-care, while simultaneously presenting an excellent opportunity for creating and encouraging community. Green is available on wide release now with proceeds from each sale going to the Tree Canada reforestation initiatives.

Tasman Jude will be performing at the Starlite Room this Saturday, October 25.

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