Alex Eldridge: journalism visionary

The 2012 year was a hectic one for Alex Eldridge, the Editor-in-Chief of The Gateway. In addition to overseeing a highly-contested SU election, the rigours of weekly editions of the student newspaper and dynamics of third floor SUB, Alex played an important role in the coverage of the major Business Students’ Association story during the winter 2012 semester. And in typical Alex fashion, she did so with a composure well beyond her years. A consummate professional, Alex brings nuanced perspectives to whatever it is she does, and in this case, it is journalism.

Alex’s career as a University of Alberta student has been simply tremendous. Prior to becoming the head of the student newspaper, she served as the Senior News Editor, a training ground for her eventual year in charge of the weekly. In 2012, Alex handled a variety of challenging and emotional situations with grace, showing that she is truly ready for whatever life throws at her.

It’s now a matter of time before Alex is writing for a national audience, with Canada’s premier daily newspapers. And when she does, readers will be satisfied, knowing that insightful and rich journalism is at their fingertips.

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