Alexander Semin is not as Unlikable as We Like to Think | The Wanderer Sports

Bad news hockey fans, your world is crumbling around you!  Alex Semin, whose name is usually followed by “gutless”, “selfish”, “no heart” or any of the other go-to clichés we have for Russian hockey players, is heading back to Russia, but not in the way you’d think.  As reported on Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog, Semin agreed to terms with Sokol Krasnoyarsk, a minor league team in his hometown.  The contract is for a reported $1600 US a month, the league minimum.

“My father taught me when I was young:  you can put [the money] in the bank where it will be for a few months, and then what?” Semin told Pavel Lysenkov of Sovietsky Sport.  “I just wanted to be at home a little more.  Money is not the most important thing in life.  Even if I spend the entire season in Krasnoyarsk, it won’t be a loss for me.”

Alex Semin, hero of the NHL lockout.  Chew on that, Canadian media.


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