All The Devils: My One Night Stand With Danny Devito and H.P Lovecraft | By Tyler Hamblett

I think I found myself a new celebrity crush last week: Lilith Fair as portrayed by the amazing Zachary Parsons-Lozinski. The performance of the new work by Parsons-Lozinski, All the Devils was a wild romp of drag, musical numbers and homage to B-horror and H.P Lovecraft.

When I sat down in the Azimuth Theatre I had no idea what to expect (not many shows are described to me as a “campy drag show based on H.P Lovecraft”) and I could not wait for it to begin. As soon as the lights dimmed and Zachary stepped on stage as his alter ego, I knew I was in for a treat. Full of energy and lightning quick jokes, this one gal show had it all. Lilith, a Hollywood socialite whose career is sinking fast, has to stay in an old farmhouse to prepare for the role that will hopefully save her career. Complete with drug overdoses, miscarriages and annoying cats, Lilith needs to find her way back to the fame she once had, but how far will she go to get it?

One of my favorite themes throughout the performance was how Zachary was able to write such culturally relevant dialogue mixed with many references to the occult. It was refreshing and new to me; I definitely have not seen anything like it. Moreover, it was in-your-face offensive, but done in such a way that you couldn’t get enough. Well, except for a couple of older women in the front row who didn’t find Lilith masturbating to Danny Devito as funny as everyone else did.

There was just enough audience-performer interaction and the dialogue poked fun at the actor himself, which I thought made the show more accessible to those who aren’t as familiar to drag culture. You also didn’t have to know the Lovecraft story it centers itself around.

The incredibly exciting tale of Lilith Fair and her adventure with the “wrong” kind of people is one I will never forget.

Zachary Parsons-Lozinski is an extremely talented part of the Edmonton arts community and he is quite accomplished, considering how young he is. He is a graduate of the Grant MacEwan Theatre Arts program as well as the artistic director of 50% Fruit Theatre. He has been in many productions in Edmonton and Calgary and is producing the Canadian premier of Carrie: The Musical with 50% Fruit Theatre this August.

CC photograph courtesy of elycefeliz on Flickr. 

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