All You Need to Know: Opening for Orientation Ideas | The Wanderer Online

Though this is nearly incomprehensible, summer is winding down, as August has already reached its mid-point. With the conclusion of the month, the fall semester is about to begin, and students will return to campus in droves. In a single day, the university will transform from a quiet and relaxed area frequented by hundreds of students, to a meeting point for thousands of fresh faces.

On August 29, The Wanderer Online is releasing a massive series of articles for both returning and incoming students at the University of Alberta, providing insight into the university experience that moves well beyond your run-of-the-mill tips for success.

Though we’re well on our way to producing a large amount of content for this date, we want your input. What do you want us to write about? If it’s Bears and Pandas sports, tell us. If it’s some info on the in-class environment, tell us. If it’s more relationship and sex advice, tell us. No worries; we’ll have all of the stuff mentioned above – and more. But we want you to provide us with your thoughts. We have a talented and dedicated team, but our ideas only extend so far.

Leave a comment in the box below or send us an e-mail at to share your thoughts. We can’t wait to see them!


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