Allyson Seeney: most likely to solve world hunger

If the U of A had a yearbook, Allyson’s superlative would be something like “Most likely to be our next female Premier,” or “Most likely to solve world hunger.” From rebuilding her student association to managing over 100 energetic Campus Food Bank volunteers, she has certainly left her mark on the campus community.

As the Executive Director of the Campus Food Bank, I’ve seen Allyson go above and beyond her responsibilities to ensure that all members of our campus community have access to healthy food as a right, not a privilege. As our Assistant Executive Director and Volunteer Coordinator, Allyson has transformed our volunteer program to help us better meet our mandate, while ensuring the long-term sustainability of our organization. She has been a role model for the 120 CFB volunteers that she leads, and has helped foster a stronger sense of citizenship in the people she works with every day.

Her commitment to public service has gone beyond her 3 years of work at the Campus Food Bank. As a leader in the political science program, Allyson has enhanced her student association, the Political Science Undergraduate Association, into a stronger and more accessible student group for the hundreds of students that it serves. In this capacity, she encourages her fellow students to be more politically engaged and involved in public life.

After witnessing what Allyson has accomplished in just the last 4 years, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for her next 40.

Bio by Marc LeBlanc. 

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