Amber Niemeier: Communications and Development Manager, YWCA Edmonton

Amber provides mentorship, visioning and strategy to an amazing team of passionate people. She ensures the YWCA Edmonton continues to grow as a strong voice for women in our city and moves to fulfill its vision of equality, opportunity and choice.

Amber’s dedication is highlighted by her absolute passion for the YWCA and the work that they do. She is a great ambassador for a great cause and she represents the YWCA and herself with a distinction that is only truly part of her character.

Amber is a versatile communications professional and talented project manager. She is the complete package – someone who can see the big picture and how to get there, build the plan, sell it to management, motivate and coach the team, and handle all the bumps along the way with grace, charm and humour. She is also a wonderful manager. Those who work alongside Amber are constantly amazed by her compassion, fairness and genuine desire to make life easier for those around her. Amber works hard to build consensus and a collegial work environment where everyone can bring their skills and talents to the work at hand, and then go home at night feeling like a winner.



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