Brag About Edmonton: Just Like Brad, Brittney and Mack | The Wanderer Politics

So, we’ve already shared one of Mack Male’s articles today. Why not make it two? For those of you that are unaware of the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation, pay attention. Their relatively new CEO and President, Brad Ferguson, is a University of Alberta alumnus and was even at last night’s Pecha Kucha 16 event. He also spoke at this event, which The Wanderer previewed, and has written about the “commercialization” of liberal arts students.

Take a read through this excellent September 2012 interview by Mack Male. As Brittney LeBlanc says in her Pecha Kucha 14 talk, Edmontonians need to brag about their city. Brad, along with a growing contingent of Edmontonians, is doing this.

Photograph by Sansitny Ruth.

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