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Whether or not you’ve noticed, Alberta’s political landscape has undergone some significant changes in the past week. Well, as significant as a province that hasn’t seen a party change since the early 70’s can expect. Jim Prentice was sworn in as Alberta’s 16th Premier on Tuesday, and along with his appointment came the rather anti-climactic announcement of his cabinet roster. With Prentice dropping hints throughout his entire coronation process, I mean, election campaign, that his cabinet would look significantly different than that of his predecessors, many were expecting a bigger shake-up. However, changes were made, mostly significantly with his inclusion of some un-elected picks.

While I could take you through a detailed and highly-inaccurate analysis of Prentice’s choices, I prefer instead to present Alberta’s new management through the always hilarious lens of Twitter. The following speak to the highlights of the new cabinet, and are all funny, true, and funny because they’re true.



The list wouldn’t be complete without a good ole’ dad joke:

  The funniest tweets of the day go hands-down to Brian Mason, whose tweets are hilarious, and a little mean-girl-esque. I was just waiting for his “He doesn’t even go here!” tweet directed at Stephen Mandel. Opportunity missed, my friend.  

And since I just couldn’t resist:


For a full list of the new Cabinet and portfolio assignments, click here

Image curtosy of Flazingo Photos on Flickr

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