And THAT was an Emphatic Way to End the Season. Also, Sorry Winnipeg | The Wanderer Sports

Though the Bears soccer team still has two games left in the regular season, the Pandas’s Canada West games just came to an end. Playing at home, the Pandas capped 2012’s regular season off in style, crushing (CRUSHING) Winnipeg and then blanking Manitoba. Actually, words can’t really describe the hurt that was put on Winnipeg on Saturday: the Pandas won 11-0, scoring more points than the Bears football team (this fact serves as our season recap for Bears football… that was easy!). Also, keep in mind that soccer field are pretty big, and 90 minutes isn’t usually enough time for scoring 10+ goals in a match. Hence, 11 goals in on game is A LOT.

In our game preview for the Pandas-Winnipeg match, we compared the potential result to the Canada-Honduras World Cup Qualifying match, where Canada was taken down by a score of 8-1. We actually weren’t too far off (pats self on back). In game two, the result wasn’t quite as one-sided as the Honduras hurt on Canada, but the Pandas still came out ahead, 3-0. Scoring goals over the weekend was EVERYONE. If Cicero was still alive, he’d be damn proud that every Panda participated in the result, using individual rationality to take said ball and put said ball between the twine. This is Aristotle’s version of the political animal manifesting itself on soccer pitch; everyone participates, co-mingles and feels good in the end (apart from Winnipeg and Manitoba, of course). Winnipeg and Manitoba are the equivalent of slaves in Ancient Greece.

Now the Pandas go to VANCOUVER to play UBC in a post-season game, where everything is on the line. Though UBC and Alberta tied in their first match, the Pandas have done what every team wants to do when closing out the season: end on a high. Snoop Lion approves.

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