And Then I McCartney-ed All Over | By Andrew Douglas

You sit there faced with the shame of what you have just done. It’s been a while, and that concert was just so attractive. You promised yourself that when you started you wouldn’t get too excited but after scrolling through the available floor seats you got pretty hot and bothered. Once the ticket sales were open you came out of the gates flying and in your enthusiasm you McCartney-ed all over your computer screen. All the tickets have been sold and it’s only 5 minutes after sales opened. You comfort yourself by saying that next time you’ll last a little longer. Maybe you’ll pay a little more for tickets from a scalper.

This is a familiar picture for many Edmontonians, which is why in the course of this article I’d like to take a look at what causes premature concert elation.

Let’s face it, we live in fairly culture deprived city. All the really great stuff is crammed into a few weeks of the summer.  We spend that summer running around to every festival we can in order to seem like we live in a cultured metropolis. Then the dead of winter sets in and we have to make due with the odd concert that rolls through that is of any value. Which is why we all end up blowing our loads over big acts like Paul McCartney. Granted Sir McCartney is a pretty big act considering he was a part of one of the biggest musical sensations of all time. But when over-demand makes ticket prices sky-rocket and the supply runs out in less than the time it takes to get a pizza delivered something is definitely wrong.

Although E-town is pretty culturally deprived, there are acts that are not Paul McCartney, but are still pretty damn good. John Fogerty, Billy Joel, Lady Gaga and soon Bob Dylan have all rolled through Edmonton in the past few years. Edmonton is also an excellent place to catch those alternative up and comers. Personally, I’ve seen Dropkick Murphy’s (an excellent show where a guy leaving the concert was so drunk he shit himself) and Gogol Bordello. Swedish folk sensation The Tallest Man on Earth has also been through the city twice in the past 3 years. Sure these guys aren’t Paul McCartney, but I also didn’t have to sell my kidney to afford tickets.  As live music goes Edmonton may not be the best place in the whole wide world, but if you’re willing to keep an eye out for the less than mainstream acts, it can be an amazing place to see that bizarre folk/rock/reggae/punk/rap group with the hot girl drummer.

Also, Edmonton has a great theater and comedy scene that is frequently over-looked. From Improv to the Comic Strip to touring Broadway shows at the Jubilee, you’re bound to have a great night out without McCartney-ing all over the person sitting next to you. I’ve managed to see Stomp, Jersey Boys, and Moving Out all for a reasonable cost. Hell, there’s even Cavalia and Cirque du Soleil if you’re into weird stuff with horses and clowns. Sure live theater and comedy isn’t for everyone, but is it better than resorting to pushing cocaine so you can afford a night out? You bet!

So the next time you feel like sitting in front of your computer, patiently waiting for tickets to go on sale, remember that you might end up getting to buy those tickets. Or you might end up McCartney-ing all over the place, and get stuck cleaning up the mess.

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