And Today the Journey Begins | The Wanderer Online

Dear readers,

Following months of disciplined and invigorating work, we are excited to announce that The Wanderer Online has launched. Only two months ago, several students came together to envision the creation of a stylish, vogue and professional online student magazine at the University of Alberta. What was once a small group is now an ever-growing team of students dedicated to high-quality writing, photography and design.

Whether it is political commentary, local fashion trends or in-depth looks at the Bears and Pandas varsity squads, The Wanderer sets the standard for student writing on campus. Although we’re only in our initial stages of development, the writing team is working non-stop to deliver entertaining stories, and to settle only for our very best. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about our website design, writing, photography, and the evolution of the project.


The Wanderer Online

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