Andrew Fehr: ALES, the oilsands and policy expertise

Countless U of A students know of Andrew Fehr from his good looks and luscious long hair, but those aren’t the reasons why he’s a Top 100 member. During 2012, Andrew didn’t just contribute to the university; he innovated. It seems that wherever Andrew goes, positivity and meaningfulness follow, which is evident not only in Students’ Council and many social justice activities, but perhaps most significantly with the annual Oilsands Delegation to Fort McMurray.

For several years now, Andrew has put together a fully-subsidized trip for U of A students to Northern Alberta, where they see the oilsands first-hand and discuss both amongst each other and with local residents and leaders involved in the energy industry. When students return from this trip, they often remark that it was life-changing and eye-opening, one of the most valuable experiences of their University of Alberta career. Andrew works tirelessly behind the scenes to put this together, and never does he seek recognition or make much of a deal of his accomplishments.

On top of this, Andrew represented the Faculty of ALES on Students’ Council in 2012, and took over the Policy Committee during several months, leading it in a manner that developed the trust of his peers. Not surprisingly, he was named one of the best councillors of the summer by his student government peers and continued to demonstrate excellence in his duties throughout the remainder of 2012.

Andrew is a high-impact man. He brings a deliberateness to his craft that inspires confidence in his peers, while showing that it’s possible to achieve outstanding things in life with calmness and composure.

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