Annika Palm: engineer and mentor

No-one embodies the vision of “building community” quite like Annika. She is a firm believer of connectedness and has shown this through her involvement with U of A Orientation, welcoming first years to our campus community, inspiring future female engineers on Saturday mornings through her work with the GEM club or her extensive work as the VP Member Learning with our campus chapter of Engineers Without Borders. Here, she advances current members’ sense of community on campus, but also on an international level, travelling to Malawi to work with WATSAN.

Annika also mentors young scientists on campus with her summer work with DiscoverE science and engineering camps. She was chosen to be one of two employees to travel to Tuktoyaktuk, NWT (as well as other remote towns throughout Alberta) as the DiscoverE representative in teaching science camps to children who normally would not have access to a high-profile science camp. Travelling around mentoring children in these little towns specifically helps these communities develop, but also makes these children feel valued and broadens their sense of belonging and community.

Unlike most university students, Annika has found what she is passionate about and is willing to make decisions and bring forth new ideas to help people see our world as a global community. People are drawn to her and can’t help but follow her lead, noting her initiative, confidence and genuine care for others. I know I am not alone when I say that I wish I could affect people the way she does.

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