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The Wanderer is pleased to announce the launch of our Education Visionaries Series!

Education Visionaries in Edmonton is a series of articles highlighting educators whose passion for their work, dedication to their students, and desire for innovation are invaluable to the growth of Edmontonians and our city as a whole.  By conveying multiple perspectives from leaders in a diverse array of educational fields, The Wanderer hopes to illustrate the intrinsically valuable nature of learning, and celebrate the admirable art of teaching.

While in the past this series has consisted solely of interviews, we are now accepting nominations from the community at large, allowing individuals to share their experiences learning from inspiring and talented educators.  Please keep in mind that an education visionary need not be a teacher in the traditional sense, but anyone who facilitates growth and learning in others, including but not limited to mentors, advocates, professors, and coaches.

To complete a nomination form for an education visionary, please visit this link to our submissions page.  Nominations will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year.  Any questions or comments can be directed to Education Editor Nikita-Kiran Singh at


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