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The University of Alberta is home to hundreds of inspirational teachers, everywhere from Campus Saint-Jean to the Faculty of Native Studies and Augustana Campus. These individuals care deeply about the student experience, and in some cases alter the trajectory of students’ lives. It is evident that these teachers go beyond what is asked of them, in many cases balancing research demands with family life, personal hobbies and of course, weekly teaching. The Wanderer Online values the efforts of outstanding teachers on campus, whether it is through engaging lectures and seminars, dedication to undergraduate research and even mentorship of up-and-coming graduate students looking to become professors.

Every month, The Wanderer will recognize five teachers on campus for their excellent teaching. These individuals can be professors of any rank, or graduate students currently involved in some form of undergraduate student teaching (mentorship in a laboratory and TA-ing both count).

So how does one nominate a professor? The process is simple: send a 250-500 word nomination to by the 20th of each month, under the subject line “Wanderer Teaching Excellence: [Name of Professor].” Please include the faculty and department of the professor, the nomination letter outlining why this professor is a deserving candidate, and the email address of the nominee. Anyone is encouraged to nominate a peer, whether it is undergraduate and graduate students, professors, administrators, etc.

For January, the deadline is 4 pm on January 20. Successful nominators will be contacted in late January, with details about a small reception to follow. Moreover, the winning professors will be featured in a Wanderer article profile during the following month.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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