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In our first ten full months as a magazine, The Wanderer Online has built a strong team of contributors, which now numbers over 70. These contributors are all volunteers, and they write because they care about sharing interesting ideas across the Edmonton population. Our total unique readership, which hovers around 70 000, suggests that we have engaged an important portion of Edmontonians, and our 930+ articles published to date indicate that we have been consistent in our desire to publish high-quality writing.

Thus far, we have operated on a relatively flat structure. Above all else, we aim to recruit talented writers and good people. From this foundation, we encourage writers to lead their own Wanderer initiatives and contribute to the magazine with plenty of creative freedom. We feel that in providing considerable autonomy to our team members, we will produce impressive content seven days per week.

This has been the case so far, and we are proud of our accomplishments. However, with the size of the writing staff, it is now imperative that we move to an explicit editorial structure. Though the implementation of an editorial structure is not much different than what we do in practice, we think that this decision will provide new Wanderer contributors with greater clarity when they first join the squad. Moreover, the editorial structure will better allow us to complete ambitious projects, such as the March 2013 Top 100 Most Influential Undergraduates of 2013. You can see the complete list of editors, here:

Editor-in-Chief: Emerson Csorba
Managing Editors: Sydney Rudko, Dongwoo Kim and Sansitny Ruth
Design Editor: Katrina Regino
Photography Editor: Skye Oleson-Cormack

Politics Editors: Graeme Archibald, Erica Woolf, Dongwoo Kim, Kevin Pinkoski, Navneet Khinda
Culture Editors: Tori McNish, Monika Oliver, Annie Pumphrey, Elizabeth Yu
Science Editor: Sydney Rudko

Business Editor: Blue Knox
Education Editors: Maggie Danko and Nikita-Kiran Singh
Lifestyle Editor: Gina Wicentowich
Sports Editor: Andrew Booth

Social Media Editor: Colten Yamagishi
Digital Media Editor: Jesse More
Computer Programming Editor: Hamman Samuel

At the same time as we launch an editorial structure, we are sharing our first-ever Wanderer values statements. These values show Edmontonians what we care about in our writing, design and photography. Stated differently, these values communicate why it is that The Wanderer does what it does. We encourage you to read through our values, by heading to the About page on the top left corner of the website.

In several other changes, we have moved to a Disqus-based commenting system. On top of this, the right side of our home page will soon feature more Top 100-esque boxes, which link to a variety of series that we are launching, such as “Edmonton Visionaries” and “Municipal Elections.” In both July and August, we will release major Edmonton-wide contests geared toward engaging more Edmontonians in meaningful and exciting discussions about the city.

Our inspirations? Websites likes Fast Company, Thought CatalogThe AtlanticGOOD, the Toronto Standard and Deadspin are always on our radar. Much like Edmonton, The Wanderer‘s identity has transformed considerably over the last year. As we continue to evolve and engage more Edmontonians in our writing, we ask YOU to contribute. Not a university student? That’s fine. Send us a message and we’ll get back shortly.


The Wanderer Team

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