Anthony Lott: MSA advocate

Finding balance in life is probably an elusive concept when one is a full-time student in medicine; however, Anthony seemed to do just this throughout 2012. As a second-year student and President of the Medical Students’ Association, the student association that represents all medicine program students on campus, Anthony led the organization’s local, provincial and national advocacy efforts with an understanding and level of precision that did well for his peers.

In 2012, Anthony served as the President in only his second year in the faculty, a rare feat within the MSA. And yet, Anthony led the organization with a maturity well beyond his years. From working with the Political Advocacy Committee to participating in a wide range of social programs or speaking at a teaching excellence recognition evening put together by the MSA, Anthony had little time for rest, but was consistently on his game.

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry is filled with outstanding students, ones that have excelled in volunteerism and academics in order to enter the faculty. This makes Anthony’s accomplishments even more impressive, for he is clearly among the distinguished leaders amongst his peers. Anthony is already flourishing as a U of A student leader, and every sign indicates that the same will take place throughout the years to come.

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