April Hudson: U of A’s finest journalist

In the last two years, The Gateway has investigated two particularly important stories, the Business Students’ Association theft and the ongoing changes at Lister residence, which took place during the summer of 2012. April Hudson was part of each of these stories, serving as a detailed investigative journalist. There’s a noticeable fire in April that separates her from the majority of her peers, one that shows that she pays close attention to detail and cares deeply about the integrity of a story.

During the 2012 year, April transitioned from staff reporter to senior news editor, and thrived in both roles. She publishes in-depth and intriguing stories on a regular basis, and is clearly a backbone of the century-old student newspaper. Moreover, April is able to see above much of the politics that so easily divides student journalists from student government. In December 2012, she wrote an editorial entitled “An Open Letter to the Students’ Union” that still captivates me as I read it several months later.

In closing, April is a star writer on campus and her future in journalism is promising. Her respect for well-crafted stories shines through in every piece that she writes.

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