At Least it Wasn’t 65-6… Right? RIGHT? | The Wanderer Sports

On Friday October 12, the Golden Bears football team lost – nay, was crushed – by a score of 51-1. The opponent? Calgary, ranked #2 in Canada. The loss was expected, even after a week off for the Bears prior to the game, which probably gave more time for worry than actual game preparation.

Back in their second game of the year, the Bears lost 65-6, which means a 59-point difference. At least this week was only a 50-point difference. That’s a whole nine-point improvement. But it still means that the Bears have lost FIFTEEN consecutive games. In other words, a fortnight +1.

One thing that was confirmed is that Stephen Fabian can kick the shit out of the ball. His 51-yard punt led to the Bears’ single point.

The Bears have just two games left in the season. Saskatchewan and Regina aren’t exactly winnable, but you never know…

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