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Pushing A President| by Elliot Rose

Push for Burundi is a distance longboarding campaign where three teenagers will use their legs and their boards to push the 2,182 km from Edmonton, AB to Portland, ORE. Their epic journey began four years ago when Caleb Sinn, PFB Co-Founder, traveled to Burundi, Africa for six months with Love Works. The group’s website is under construction but intentions are whole with their Facebook page … Continue reading Pushing A President| by Elliot Rose


The Real Piper Kerman | By Elliot Rose

Piper Kerman walked onto the stage to tell her story of public failure with the demeanour and command of language at a level usually reserved for Fortune 500 CEOs. Her story was not centered on a humble upbringing that bred the tenacity of a billion dollar fortune, but sharing her experience spending 13 months in FCI Dandbury for a crime she did commit. Her well-known … Continue reading The Real Piper Kerman | By Elliot Rose

Tom Wesselmann's "Still Life with Liz" (1993) From The University of Lethbridge Art Collection; gift of an anonymous donor, 2001 © Estate of Tom Wesselmann / SODRAC, Montréal / VAGA, New-York (2015)

The Purpose of Pop Art | By Elliot Rose

Jim Coutts was raised in Nanton, AB a southern town of about 2,000 people – an unlikely small town boy as any to produce one of the country’s most significant collections of Pop Art. Growing up through the post WWII era, he enjoyed the pleasantries of the small town lifestyle before heading north for University in Edmonton. Jim breezed through academia, picking up business and law degrees … Continue reading The Purpose of Pop Art | By Elliot Rose

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An Appalling Dream | by Elliot Rose

A black woman in her mid twenties rose from her seat in the auditorium of the University of Alberta’s Humanities Building. She stood with a quiet confidence, unsure of how the group would react, but certain of her story’s account. Eyes firmly set, she gazed beyond the auditorium, traveling across the Atlantic Ocean to Northern Ireland. The woman, who did not provide her name, described … Continue reading An Appalling Dream | by Elliot Rose

Erin Bury - iMEDIA

The 2015 iMedia Conference Recap | By Elliot Rose

In typical Gen Y fashion, I learned of the iMEDIA Conference while creeping LinkedIn, when Ameet Khabra, Search Engine Strategist for Top Draw Inc., posted that she was sharing her presentation titled @AdWordsGirl: Why I Love AdWords and You Should Too. After visiting iMedia’s website, I messaged Ameet and she let me know her presentation was sure to leave my #CurrentMood ‘blissful’. The iMEDIA Conference was started three years ago by … Continue reading The 2015 iMedia Conference Recap | By Elliot Rose


From Pipe Dreams to Hoop Dreams | By Elliot Rose

  Sunny’s senior year of highschool was a basketball player’s dream: he was a starter playing the top of his game, recruited by a handful  schools. Sunny remembers that this was not always the case, but as a struggling freshman he received a stroke of luck when his highschool basketball coach reached out to him. His coach invested years helping Sunny develop through early morning practices, rides to and from tournaments, and encouraging words … Continue reading From Pipe Dreams to Hoop Dreams | By Elliot Rose


The Power of Giving Just a Little | By Elliot Rose

MacEwan University’s Global Awareness Week is an annual, five-day campaign to raise awareness about universal issues such as human rights, gender equality, poverty, international peace, and environmental sustainability. Early this month, one of their staple events, the SAMU Speaker Series, featured Will Butler and Marika Anthony-Shaw of the Montreal-based band Arcade Fire. The 2-time Grammy winners shared the story of a journey that has recently raised over six figures in … Continue reading The Power of Giving Just a Little | By Elliot Rose


The Creative Class is in Session | By Elliot Rose

Erika Barootes, Edmonton Director at Kit And Ace, and her team have turned many heads while dramatically renovating their newly-acquired Whyte Ave location. Providing no indication of what was to come, they only revealed an all white storefront with blue trim, completely sealed windows with a peep hole in shape of their unreleased logo, and mysterious adages such as: “Anyone can be honest. A gangster is honest if they do what they say. It’s … Continue reading The Creative Class is in Session | By Elliot Rose


Those Who Journey North | By Elliot Rose

Inside the ballroom the calibre of fashion was reflective of its 450 guests – the gentlemen looked dashing in midnight blue tuxedos, paisley silk jackets and even a turquoise Tom Ford blazer. Flowing evening dresses adorned the ladies, who flickered hints of red in their Christian Louboutin heels. Thus, it was no surprise Fred Singer, Chairman of Henry Singer Fashion Group, and his son Jordan Singer, President of Henry Singer Fashion Group, were in attendance, Jordan reflecting: Edmonton is growing rapidly; our culture and fashion … Continue reading Those Who Journey North | By Elliot Rose

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Redefining ‘Bitch’ | By Elliot Rose

  We are in the basement of the Mercer Building, having a coffee in the new Transcend location, just a few floors below Sarah Dharshi’s office. She’s decked out in all black, neo-Run DMC-attire with winterized Nike Roshers, fashionable leggings with angled seems, solid-coloured baseball jersey and a thick gold chain wrapped around her neck. Her swagger is impressive but when she begins to share her … Continue reading Redefining ‘Bitch’ | By Elliot Rose