Shaping Sound: A Masterpiece of the Ages

by Nicholas Siennicki Shaping Sound, written by and starring Travis Wall, is the best performance by Alberta Ballet that I have seen in my four years as a seasonal attendee. As a relatively rough critique of Alberta Ballet in the past, this performance was such a breath of fresh air, such a resounding success, that I can’t help but recommend that everyone who reads this … Continue reading Shaping Sound: A Masterpiece of the Ages

Nutcracker Review: An unfortunate faux pas (de deux)

by Nicholas Siennicki The Nutcracker is undoubtedly an iconic ballet. For many, it is the only ballet they see, and for others, it is a yearly tradition that captures all the beauty and grace of an ephemeral art form that people might consider somewhat above them. It is vital, then, for The Nutcracker to be as accessible as possible for all viewers. After all, for … Continue reading Nutcracker Review: An unfortunate faux pas (de deux)

The Blackest Bloom (Part 2/2)

by Nicholas Siennicki “Have you been able to establish a connection to Earth?” “Negative Captain.” “I’m inclined to believe what the Old Man is saying.” “Understood, Captain. What is our next course of action?” “I… I don’t know.” Silence on the other line. The Captain sniffed softly to himself as he rolled back his eyes. “I thought things were different.” “Would you like me to … Continue reading The Blackest Bloom (Part 2/2)

The Blackest Bloom (Part 1/2)

by Nicholas Amadeus Siennicki The Captain stood in front of the bridge doors for a second, rubbing a dirt-caked hand across his gleaming forehead. He took two long breaths in, and stepped towards the soundless doors as they slipped open. “What’s the situation?” He said as he made his way to his chair, flicking some soil from under his habitually dirty nails. He sat down … Continue reading The Blackest Bloom (Part 1/2)

Born Apart

by Nicholas Siennicki They saw me conquer the world with a few innocent men Holding onto their definitions of divinity Praying on tombstones of father’s slain here That this time, oh this time, all this was for real   But I sold all their souls For a shot at glory For a chance at the throne   They saw me conquer the world with a … Continue reading Born Apart

Edmonton Opera’s ‘Elektra’: Mostly Electrifying

by Nicholas Siennicki If there’s nothing else to be taken away from this review, it’s that if you, dear reader, even have a passing fancy in the arts, go see Elektra. The performance may not be the absolute pinnacle of the form, but it is relentlessly entertaining, investing, short, and intelligible. In other words, a performance that is both pleasing to the connoisseur, and the … Continue reading Edmonton Opera’s ‘Elektra’: Mostly Electrifying


by Nicholas Amadeus Siennicki She looked up from the glare of her phone screen, closing her eyes for a moment as she stretched her back and allowed her head to roll backwards. The monotonous thudding of metal wheels running along tracks pervaded through the barrier of sound that her headphones were creating, just for a moment. She looked down at her phone again, but quickly paused … Continue reading Train(ing)

Cycle this Halcyon Daze

by Nicholas Siennicki Content Warning: Graphic Depictions of Mental Disorder The boy tapped a forefinger against the side of an empty coffee mug, and each stroke spelled out his countenance more obviously than words ever could. She was acutely aware that they had been sitting in silence for what was now fast becoming an uncomfortably long time. Her brain tried to rifle through a rolodex … Continue reading Cycle this Halcyon Daze