Cycle this Halcyon Daze

by Nicholas Siennicki Content Warning: Graphic Depictions of Mental Disorder The boy tapped a forefinger against the side of an empty coffee mug, and each stroke spelled out his countenance more obviously than words ever could. She was acutely aware that they had been sitting in silence for what was now fast becoming an uncomfortably long time. Her brain tried to rifle through a rolodex … Continue reading Cycle this Halcyon Daze


Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo Review (Alberta Ballet)

I love the ballet. There’s some indelible beauty in watching the perfection of human grace, form, and movement. The ballet reaches for impossible heights and makes them seem almost attainable, remaining just tantalizingly out of reach. When a ballet manages to accomplish all of these things, one feels transported into another realm entirely, enraptured by the feeling of magic and limitless wonder. When it fails … Continue reading Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo Review (Alberta Ballet)


Her Year – A Short Story

by Nicholas Siennicki She draped her head over the back of the seat, lazily looking up at the Jackson Pollock sky. Tendrils of smoke and smog played off the city lights and gleaming stars, the perfect mix of innocence and experience. She could feel the breeze washing over her as it kissed her skin and billowed through the airy dress that she felt made her … Continue reading Her Year – A Short Story


this place feels so real. – A Short Story

by Nicholas Siennicki Let’s run through it again. I’ll come in here, and take my gloves off. You’ll slide down the bannister with that effervescent smile of yours. My brain will tell me how beautifully ethereal you are. My heart might skip a beat. You won’t be privy to that, only to the smile spreading across my lips. And you’ll help me out of my … Continue reading this place feels so real. – A Short Story