Minglin’ with Moët

by Bronte Valk Whether you’re taking in the performances of Old Strathcona or watching a prairie sunset from a tarp somewhere on Gallagher Hill, Edmonton in the summertime has something for everyone. While I’m no stranger to laying in the grass at Folk Fest as music fills the river valley, I was eager to try something new. So, when The Wanderer Online approached me with … Continue reading Minglin’ with Moët

Splash Poke Already a City Favorite

by Zosia Czarnecka Edmonton is well known for its delicious food scene and extensive network of world-class restaurants. Unfortunately, given our location between the Rocky Mountains and prairies, we often miss good quality seafood. Despite the city’s numerous sushi restaurants, Edmontonians have been longing for a Poke spot for a while. So it came as no surprise when last Tuesday, for Splash Poke’s grand public … Continue reading Splash Poke Already a City Favorite

Edmonton’s Interlacing of Urban Design and Academia

by Zosia Czarnecka On May 27th, Cappsule will be hosting a full day of conversations to inspire innovation and entrepreneurship among millennials. One of the invited speakers is Robin Mazumder – a Vanier Scholar studying at Waterloo. His PhD explores the impact of urban design on mental health. Yesterday, The Wanderer had the opportunity to speak with Robin on the phone about his research and … Continue reading Edmonton’s Interlacing of Urban Design and Academia

Bringing You International Inspiration

by Zosia Czarnecka Consider Telus, Bioware, and the Food Bank. While you’ve definitely heard of these three companies, you might not know that they all started right here in Edmonton. Our city is home to world-leading companies, research institutes and two renowned universities. With a growing Startup scene downtown, Edmonton is quickly earning its spot on the map as a tech and entrepreneurial hub. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Bringing You International Inspiration

Science: It’s For Everyone

by Emily Quecke This Earth Day, hundreds of Edmontonians braved the wind and sleet to march with the thousands of others in over 600 locations across the globe in the name of science. All ages and backgrounds banded together in support. From the school-aged children with their families and homemade signs to the “Edmonton Raging Grannies” singing their protest, the rally was electric and warm … Continue reading Science: It’s For Everyone

Comical Musings of a Chronic Overthinker

by Zosia Czarnecka 5:25 pm. I’m almost there. I can definitely make it in five minutes. But maybe I should go back home quickly. They won’t mind if I’m a little late, right? I’m just so worried that the glass casserole I placed on top of the fridge is going to slide off and break. I mean, the bottom is a little uneven and the … Continue reading Comical Musings of a Chronic Overthinker

The Changing Image of the “Self” in the Digital Era (Interview with Marilène Oliver & Daniel Laforest)

by Zosia Czarnecka On February 25th, TEDxUAlberta hosted its second annual conference. We had the opportunity to interview two of the conference’s speakers, Marilène Oliver and Daniel Laforest, about the crossroads of their work. In particular, we were interested in delineating how they each defined the difference between the “self” and the physical body, their thoughts on the implications of the digital era on our … Continue reading The Changing Image of the “Self” in the Digital Era (Interview with Marilène Oliver & Daniel Laforest)

Put the Talus Dome In Its Place

by Zosia Czarnecka If you’re hoping to earn your city a name on the map, there is a well-known, unwritten list of requirements. You need to have a river or some body of water, you need to be known for at least one athlete, you should have had a natural disaster pass through (in our case, a tornado), and you need record-breaking weather of some sort. … Continue reading Put the Talus Dome In Its Place

Get the Hell Outta Edmonton

by Zosia Czarnecka With the new year, you’ll inevitably hear people’s bold resolutions to change their lifestyles, alter their perspectives, revolutionize their careers, and get one step closer to world domination – this will be THE year! If we were all successful in our intentions each year, we’d live in a perfect world. Unfortunately, the majority of us are doomed to fall short of our goals … Continue reading Get the Hell Outta Edmonton