Barb Scully: Facilitator, Green Hectares and Founder, Talk of the Town

A Spruce Grove resident, Barb Scully is a proud mother, grandmother as well as community volunteer and businesswoman. She is a Community Facilitator for Green Hectares in Parkland County, a non-profit dedicated to “Changing Our World because it Matters,” one community at a time and one rural connection at a time, through empowering rural life and expanding people’s capacity to make a difference in their own lives. This noble cause is one that fits perfectly with Ms. Scully`s personal values: living local and thinking globally.

As a small business owner in Spruce Grove, Ms. Scully appreciates the importance of community support in the success of such ventures. It is with that experience that Ms. Scully co-founded Talk of the Town, a media business in the Tri Municipal Region that promotes local business and residents.  One of Talk of The Town`s proudest projects is the organizing of the Tri Area Cash Mob. The Cash Mob is one of the many ways Ms. Scully has reached out to local shoppers to find a fun and creative way to bring a bigger, broader customer base to small business owners. Her passions for both art and community collided in the development of the Community Art Studio, a free drop-in art program for residents of all ages to explore different art mediums. As the facilitator and until recently; the funder, Ms. Scully has painted her town a little brighter and brought that spirit of fellowship that she finds so important.



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