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On Sunday October 7, the Huskies returned to the Golden Bears’ stomping grounds, looking to take some glimmer of hope back to Saskatoon, home of one of the country’s nicest universities (the U of S, to be precise). You see, the U of S Huskies lost 2-1 to the Bears on Saturday, which left them with a bitter taste in their mouths, sort of like raw fish caught by hunters up in Northern Canada. Not tasty; just slimy and gross. These Huskies were jelly that Trinity Western helicopter parents were returning to British Columbia for a delicious meal of fish and chips – breaded fish are the best. Just ask the Husky from Husky Oil – he likes fish and chips, yum yum (or in Husky language, “Bark bark bark”).

Game day was windy: the sort of windy that makes styling your hair a futile endeavour. Step outside, go for a walk and voila, messed-up hair. Thankfully for Huskies, they have plenty of hair and don’t need to worry about the wind. For Bears? Well, I dare you to Google “hairless bear.” It’s actually pretty disgusting (you’ve been warned).

The first half was pretty quiet and evenly-matched, which was a slight downer following the exciting conclusion to the Pandas-Trinity Western game, where the home team pulled ahead with two goals in the closing 45 minutes. Saskatchewan had a strong scoring chance right in front of the net, but their midfielder hit the ball over the keeper and into ball-chaser territory (i.e. the blue 400-meter track). Score at half: zeroes.

Right near the beginning of the second half, notorious Bears striker Marcus Johnstone dashes into the box, is hauled down by a Huskies player (OR IS HE HAULED DOWN???)… and, you know what that means. PENALTY SHOT! In this case, the ref’s signal for the kick is much less emphatic than the ref’s call on Saturday… Still, penalty shots always get one’s blood pumping; theatrical refs only add a comedic element (unless of course it’s Portugal losing in penalties during Euros – that’s always hilarious). So up steps Niko Saler from the Bears, and wsshhh goes the net as the ball finds its way into the netting. Bears 1, Saskatchewan 0.

Not to be outdone, however, the Huskies’ star player, Brett Levis, strikes back to tie the game at one. THIS GUY IS INSANE. In hindsight, it’s impressive that the Bears only kept him to one goal per game… Though the Bears pressed throughout the remainder of the match, Mr. Ref blew the whistle with the score at 1-1 after 90 minutes, ensuring a 4-point weekend for the GBs. You could tell that some players were kicking themselves after the game, for 6 points is better than 4. But whatever, first place in the division is good enough, and the win doesn’t matter too much in the long run.

Following the game, we interviewed some Huskies to see whether the one-point weekend was as golden as the Bears’ one-point weekend just seven days ago. The response was difficult to interpret, but our professional translators are doing what they can at the moment to decipher what was said: “Barrrkkk bark bark, bark bark… Bark. [Sniffing.] Barrk. BARK BARK BARK. [Puppy eyes.]

From what we know, the Huskies will be content with one point as long as they stop for fish and chips on the drive back to Saskatoon.

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