Bears Hockey Crawls for Twenty Minutes, Then Unleashes Wrath on Augustana | The Wanderer Sports

Last night, on September 6, the Golden Bears hockey team played the Augustana Vikings, a squad that plays in a league separate from the Canada West Conference (the ACAC). Though Augustana is actually a strong team that could hold its own in the Canada West, beating the Bears would constitute a major upset. With eight seconds left in the first period of play, the Vikings held an improbable 1-0 advantage, but then Bears player Johnny Lazo scored and his team never looked back. At the end of the first period, shots on goal were 10 for the Bears and 6 for the Vikes. Two periods later? Just 9 for the visitors and 49 for the Bears. Ouch.

On September 5, the Augustana Vikings media person tweeted this:

Here’s hoping they drilled home the point that the Bears ARE NOT on the Vikes’ regular season schedule, but instead, Briercrest and Portage!

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