Belated Bears and Pandas Top 10 Or So Rankings | The Wanderer Sports

Every week, The Wanderer Online provides readers with its top 10 rankings of Bears and Pandas sports teams, inspired by the Top 25 Or So Rankings by This week’s list comes later than usual, but we hope you enjoy it and comment in the box below. 

1. Pandas Rugby: Perfect 4-0 record and finally, FINALLY beat the Lethbridge Pronghorns (rugby is the only thing Lethbridge is good at; now that advantage is gone).

2. Bears Soccer: Tied UBC 2-2 and then beat Trinity Western and its holy trio of Family Channel stars, 2-1.

3. [vacant]

4. Bears Hockey/CIS Men’s Hockey Rankings: Lost to Mount Royal… and then climbed to #1 in the Canadian rankings. Good job, Canadian rankings.

5. Pandas Soccer: Tough two-loss weekend, but as we’ve been telling you all along, it’s the Canada West tournament that counts, and the team will be in that.

6. [vacant]

7. Campus rabbits: there are tons of them on campus, and now they’re starting to turn all white for the winter. Cute.

8. Pandas Hockey Legacy Game: The team’s only lost once this year, and you get to see them play for free later this week.

9. Bears football seniors: Final home game is coming up…

10. Nike: dropped Lance Armstrong after squeezing everything they could out of him. Ew.

-50. Bears football: 51-1 means -50 differential!

-10,000,000: Lance Armstrong

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