“Best-Dressed List” | By Monika Oliver

LOOK AROUND CAMPUS and it becomes apparent that each student has own their unique style. Whether sporting classic denim, summery skirts, or the ever-popular U of A sweats, I was witness to an array of outfit choices as I strolled through campus with my camera in hand.  Here are some of the best-dressed students I found wandering around campus this week and what they had to say about why they dress the way they do.

“My style is a little eccentric, when I choose my outfit for the day I try to make sure I stand out from everybody else.”

Bulcha Dolal
Faculty of Science

Shoes: Converse
Jeans: Nudie
Shirt: Gstar
Jacket: Lacoste
Hat: neweracap.com

“For everyday clothing, I strive for comfort. If it ain’t comfortable, I’m not wearing it. Depending on the occasion, my wardrobe varies from fresh to classy. After all, who doesn’t feel great when they are dressed in their best ”

Bahram Victor Foroutanpay
Faculty of Science

Shoes: Toms
Shorts: Hurley
Shirt: Diamond Supply co.
Jacket: Sport Check

“I am not very picky when it comes to clothes, I can be so versatile. When I purchase something, I do like comfort but it is always the style and the fit that matters most to me. When I am shopping I always try to purchase new pieces that can mix and match with items I already have at home.”

Ola Szopiak
Faculty of Science

Shoes: Toms
Socks: H&M
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Shirt: H&M
Blazer: Topshop
Fedora: Aritzia

“Understated clothes draw more attention to your features.Neutralized colours are easiest to pair. Extremely light grey shirts look good with everything. But most importantly, take a look outside before picking an outfit, and dress according to the emotive content of the weather. It’s more important to feel good than look good.”

Sansitny Ruth
Faculty of Arts

Shoes: Aldo
Pants: Club Monaco
Belt: Club Monaco
Watch: Boulevard Diamonds
Shirt: Club Monaco
Overcoat: Club Monaco
Bag: Indigo

“I think my fashion philosophy is: if it looks good and feels good, then it is for me. I feel like I am a combination of pretty and tomboy, I end up looking a little boyish but I do my best to add feminine touches which make the look my own.”

Alex Pruden
Faculty of Education

Moccasins: Purchased in Toronto
Leggings: H&M
Sweater: Zara
Shirt: H&M
Bag: Kate Spade


Monika Oliver is a 4th year Biological Sciences student with a passion for fashion and design. She is easily identified by her trademark hairdo, the “sumo wrestler bun” and her abundance of
accessories. When not contained to the bowels of the library (which is not very often), she can be found hosting dinner parties, volunteering and consuming inappropriate amounts of ginger-ale.

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  • Kate

    I can’t take this seriously as a fashion piece, there are two people wearing Toms.

    • Erika


  • amanda

    Uh… Do you have eyes? These people hurt my fashion sense. Were there only four people on campus that day?

    • Anonymous

      I think you should be asking yourself that question. Cause if you didn’t noticed there are clearly five individuals photographed above. I really hope that your fashion sense isn’t as impaired as your sense of sight.

  • Phil

    You other commenters make me sick. These students have done nothing to deserve your criticism and scorn when they went out of their way to provide the author with material for the article, while you just sit back and try to tear them down. You should take a moment and look at yourself as a human being

  • Jane

    This piece is a bit odd considering one of the fashionistas’ is actually a writer HERE on this BLOG. Looks more like a set up to me. This was constructed as an article, in order to fill a void.

  • Jess

    Yeah i have to agree, pretty vapid. who cares.

  • Josef A. Checkel Rojo

    Why is fashion in Edmonton strictly-hipster? I think this piece should be re-named “most commonly dressed,” which is what seems to pass for quality in Edmonton anyway, note West Edmonton Mall, note South Edmonton Common.

    Seriously this isn’t even limited to The Wanderer; it’s pretty much the same thing on The Gateway, and when VUE/SEE did a fashion on street thing too.

  • Sara

    Holy crap. That last outfit is HEINOUS.
    I hope to never see that leggings/shoe combo in public. Ever.

  • OS

    When The Wanderer starts featuring people of size in their fashion pieces, then I’ll care. Until then, I’ll say this: a lanyard isn’t a fashion accessory, it’s a god damn shame.