Best of Internet, 2012: Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Lindsaynohands | By Kevin Pinkoski is every reason to love the internet. The site is a funding platform for some of the most innovative and creative ideas. Independently created projects are pitched to anyone browsing the site. Then, like your very own Dragon’s Den, you get to choose to support initiatives. To sweeten the deal, creators offer “perks” that vary from merchandise surrounding a brand, to a product itself, all based off of different levels of funding. The site maintains that the artists, designers and creators on Kickstarter have complete control and responsibility over their projects. If people like a project, they can pledge to it, to make sure it becomes a reality. As a reward for your pledge, you can receive some of the most innovative products currently (or soon to become) available. The site tests creativity in an active market, and relies completely on the interest of project backers, applying the most creative ideas to the reality of a capitalist market. Get your invisible hands all over this.

Check out for a similar site, available for Canadian innovators.

Honorable Mention:

Whether you find it completely heartbreaking or completely hilarious, is an example of sheer internet genius. Thanks to the magic of photoshop, the blog’s content speaks for itself, as it follows the stumping of a handless Lohan. However, it subtly represents an even deeper commentary, a commentary on a teenage heartthrob lost in the wild world of Hollywood, its supposed riches, and its ability to destroy even the dreamiest red-headed freckled princess.


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    kickstarter started in 2009, is this your personal list of things you found in 2012 on the internet?