Best Olympics Storylines (Part 1) | Sasha Sproule and Emerson Csorba

Throughout this week, The Wanderer Online is featuring its writers’ top five favourite stories of the London 2012 Olympics, recapping what was a tremendously exciting worldwide event, the London 2012 Olympics. The storylines begin with Sasha Sproule and Emerson Csorba.


5. Missy Franklin of the United States was a highlight for me since bursting onto the Olympic scene for London 2012; she won four gold medals in the pool as well as one bronze. The seventeen year-old also won two of those gold medals in world record time.

4. Oscar Pistorious was a highlight for sure, being the first double amputee to compete in the Olympic games. His performance in the preliminary and semifinal competition showed the world how talented he is.

Oscar Pistorius, courtesy of Paul Williams on Flickr

3. In athletics, with Usain Bolt wining both the 100 meter and the 200 meter sprints. I also thought that it was pretty cool that in the 200 meter, the Jamaicans swept the event coming one, two, and three.

2. Michael Phelps becoming the most decorated Olympian ever was a major highlight. Winning twenty-two Olympic medals is something completely unheard of, especially with the majority being gold. It was also really exciting to see him defend his Olympic title in the 100 meter butterfly, since it was such a close race back in 2008, coming down to 0.01 of a second. Phelps had many great swims at these games and really proved that he was one of the greatest athletes of all time.

1. Canada’s women’s soccer team was one of my favorite things to watch in the London 2012 games. After the heartbreaking game between them and the United States, to come back and win the bronze medal against France was pretty cool.

Bonus: swimmer Brent Hayden winning the bronze medal in the 100 meter freestyle final at his third Olympic games was another highlight for me. Maybe I am biased, because I too am a swimmer, but I thought it was cool for Canada to win a medal in an event that maybe we weren’t expected to.


5. The Opening Ceremonies! Danny Boyle put on a fantastic show, with many of the dancers and actors serving as volunteers from across Great Britain. The portion featuring the children’s hospital patients brought tears to my eyes, and then seeing the three independent athletes enter the stadium was pretty hilarious – they were clearly having a good time.

4. Russia’s volleyball comeback versus Brazil in the men’s bracket displayed mental focus at its finest. Down to their final point, Russia fended off several Brazilian attempts to put the game away. In a back-and-forth third set, Russia returned to their star 7’2 heavy-hitter, point after point. Suddenly, it was only 2-1 for Brazil. Then two sets apiece. Devastated, Brazil floundered in the final set, with the Russians capping off a tremendous comeback.

3.  I too was swept away by the Canadian women’s national soccer team journey through London 2012. However, it is Sinclair’s first goal against the States that impressed me the most. On a beautiful through-ball, Sinclair made a quick cut into the box, firing a low shot past American keeper Hope Solo. It was this goal that made me think Hmm… we have a shot in this match. The Diana Matheson goal against France comes as a close second, though!

2. Great Britain cares deeply about its track and field success, but I don’t think many predicted Mo Farrah to claim gold not once, but twice. Seeing Farrah cross the 10,000 meter finish line and look up to the 80,000+ fans in attendance was one of those awe-inspiring moments that define the Olympics and inspire people to do their best in life.

Mo Farrah, courtesy of Ian Patterson on Flickr.

1. In Wimbledon 2012, Andy Murray lost a heart-breaker to Roger Federer, with the latter player dominating the closing sets of the match. Following the loss, Murray spoke emotionally about the London home crowd support, to which he received a standing ovation. Well, in the London Games, Murray once again found his way to the finals, facing off against the dexterous Swiss champ, of course. This time, it was all Murray, who claimed a three sets to zero victory. Even from a TV screen across the world, it was clear that Murray was in the zone, playing with complete passion.

Check back later this week for some more storylines from Wanderer writers! Enjoy Monday.

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  • Observer

    The third goal by Sinclair was the moment I’ll remember. Shortly after the States tied it, she heads it in on the cross and while everyone else is going crazy and smiling she runs back to centre and looks her coach in the eye like, “I did it again. How many more do you need. I AM ON A MISSION! GET ON MY BACK GIRLS!”

    And they really did. MIssed penalty on States, followed by joke calls the other way.