Biggs Brings Bieber Inspiration to the West Coach | The Wanderer Sports

Today, the Pandas soccer team takes on the University of Victoria in what should be a tight contest, despite eminent scholars’ predictions (which we shared in our weekend preview article) to the contrary. In what could be a low-scoring affair, expect Kelti Biggs to turn away any shots that come her way, especially if they’re slow dribbly shots that barely make it to the net.

If anything’s for certain, it’s that Biggs has no fear of diving across the net. This September 5 tweet provides conclusive evidence:

Further, if the Pandas pull out a big W down west, you can expect Biggs’ current 3353 tweet count to reach the 3400s, maintaining a steady pace toward 10 000 by the end of the season. We hope this is the case.

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