Bisons Last Longer Than Bears | The Wanderer Sports

For the first time this year, the Golden Bears football team LED A GAME at half. Moreover, they did this against the Manitoba Bisons, one of the better football teams in Canada. However, in the end, Bisons simply last longer than Bears. The Bears lost it early, nailed for 34 points over the next two quarters. The final score was 51-38 and the Golden Bears now sit with zero wins and quatro losses.

Last season looked pretty dreadful for the Golden Bears, and they seemed to lose their stride as the year progressed. HOWEVER, in 2012, the opposite is happening. After a shutout in game one, and an even worse game against Calgary, the Bears played two close games against Regina and Manitoba. One of the major reasons the team could be 2-2 is quarterback Curtis Dell, who scored two touchdowns and led the squad to 38 points.

Now to conclude, here are two tweets that summarize the game:



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