Brenda Kerber: Owner, The Travelling Tickle Trunk

Brenda Kerber is the owner of The Traveling Tickle Trunk, an Edmonton-based company dedicated to inspiring happy, healthy sex. Brenda has worked in social work and sexual health education for the past 20 years. Her work experience includes counseling, crisis work and public education for survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

Her company, the Traveling Tickle Trunk allows her to continue to be involved in these efforts by sponsoring community organizations and providing information on Edmonton resources to customers. Brenda’s passion for sexual health education began in 1999 when she worked as an educator for the HIV Network of Edmonton. She has completed numerous courses in sexuality education including the Sex Therapy Intensive at the University of Guelph. Through both personal and professional experiences, Brenda has seen how sex toys can be a powerful tool for sexual self-exploration, acceptance, celebration, and healing.

In 2003, she launched The Traveling Tickle Trunk, as a way to promote a positive view of sexual play. The Traveling Tickle Trunk is dedicated to providing accurate, non-judgemental information along with safe, high-quality products, and allowing people to play and learn in an atmosphere of comfort and safety. Brenda also works with health-care providers to help individuals dealing with injuries, illnesses, and disabilities find tools that can improve their sex lives.

Brenda speaks to educators, students, and professional groups about the benefits of sexual play and the sex positive philosophy. She is passionate about local, independent business and takes every opportunity to support young women entrepreneurs.



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