Brendan Bottcher: the world’s best in amateur curling

Canadian Junior Champion. Canadian University Champion. World Junior Champion. University of Alberta male Athlete of the Year. Many undergraduate student-athletes might be satisfied to accomplish just one of these achievements throughout their time at university. Brendan Bottcher managed to string all of these accomplishments together within three months in the winter semester of 2012. Brendan Bottcher exemplifies what it means to be a student-athlete. So much so that, on the final day of the three months (of which approximately fifty were spent in hotels), on the morning of the CIS Championship game, he woke up early to write a proctored engineering exam. I believe that is what we call incredible.

Brendan does not appear to be done where athletics are concerned. He and his University of Alberta team will represent the University of Alberta at the 2013 CIS Championships in Kamloops, B.C. in late March and are slated to represent Canada at the 2013 FISU Winter Universiade in Italy this upcoming December. He has also successfully made the transition into men’s play. His team ranks amongst the Top 30 in the world this year and recently competed in the Alberta Provincials amongst the likes of curling champions Kevin Koe and Kevin Martin. It looks like curling in Alberta is in good hands.

What’s impressive about Brendan? It actually isn’t the championships he has won, the accolades he has earned, or even his impressive GPA. It’s the attributes that he shows both on and off of the ice and in the classroom. It is his dedication, his outstanding character, and above all else, the respect he shows for his peers, his coaches, his teachers, and his teammates that has earned him the privilege of being selected as one of the University of Alberta’s most influential undergraduate students of 2012. I like to think that with or without the three months in early 2012, Brendan would still be at the top of any list.

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